Books Featuring Asia

  • Asia Wonders Why Bad Things Happen
  • Asia Thinks About the Future
  • Asia Talks about Her Wheelchair
  • Asia Thinks She is a Burden


Meet the Jellybean – Asia

Animal type: Weasel

Gender: Female

Age: 8

AKA: Wheels

Bio: Asia was born without the ability to walk.  This never stopped her from getting around and being a part of the Humble Jungle action.  She is an eternal optimist, and looks at her challenges in life as an opportunity to learn and teach others to overcome.  Because she’s a bit of an ‘old soul’, whoever talks to Asia often says that it feels like they’ve just talked to an older friend.

Most likely to say: “You’re making me sleepy with that.”

Favorite Food: Corn

Favorite Color: Light green

Favorite Place to Hang out: Humble Jungle Lighthouse

Favorite Game/Hobby: Air Hockey

Weak Area: Sometimes she feels like she’s a burden

Fears: That people feel sorry for her because of her disability

Best Time of Day: After lunch

Why she Rocks: She teaches everyone that we’re only limited by what we tell ourselves

Surprise you by: Her ability to shoot baskets, and her knowledge of the Egyptian culture

Family Member(s): Jie (brother)

Best Friend: Goldie

Favorite Subject: Anthropology (the study of human society and cultures)

Asia around Humble Jungle