Bergie is not featured in books


Meet the Jellybean – Bergie

Animal type: Penguin

Gender: Male

Age: 3

AKA: Passie (short for ‘pacifier’ because he always has one)

Bio: Bergie is Indigo and Royce’s younger brother. He is the youngest of the Humble Jungle community. He can’t live without his pacifier and blanket. He doesn’t talk much, but he always wants to be around the rest of the HJ kids. His favorite thing to do is color

Most likely to say: Very little

Favorite Food: Macaroni & Cheese

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Place to Hang out: Living room

Favorite Game/Hobby: Blocks

Weak Area: Doesn’t talk much

Fears: Being without his blanket and pacifier

Best Time of Day: Afternoon

Why he Rocks: He accepts everything without complaining

Surprise you by: Talking about his favorite TV show, “Bubbles and Rocks”

Family Member(s): Indigo and Royce.

Best Friend: Niblet

Favorite subject: Coloring