Books Featuring Brenton

  • Brice Bullies his Brother!!
  • Brice and Brenton Cannot Get Along
  • Brice Keeps Teasing his Brother


Meet the Jellybean – Brenton

Animal type: Pig

Gender: Male

Age: 12

AKA: Brenton

Bio: Brenton is fun loving. He’s a practical joker who’s always trying to prove himself to others. He’s also kindhearted.

Most likely to say: “To the moon with that!”

Favorite Food: Corn

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Place to Hang out: Video arcade

Favorite Game: Bonkers

Weak Area: Low self-esteem

Fears: Getting beat up by his big brother

Why he Rocks: Brenton will give you the shirt off his back.

Surprise you by: He shoots pool like a pro

Family Member(s): Brice (his big brother).

Best Friend: Wolfrat

Favorite subject: Literature