Books Featuring Brice

  • Brice Bullies his Brother!!
  • Brice is Stuttering
  • Brice and Brenton Cannot Get Along
  • Brice Keeps Teasing his Brother
  • Brice Learns about Electricity Safety
  • Brice is Always Exaggerating!


Meet the Jellybean – Brice

Animal type: Pig

Gender: Male

Age: 14

AKA: Brick

Bio: Brice is one of the older Jellybeans. While he is not one of the nicer kids, he does have his struggles. He’s had a problem with stuttering all of his life, and he is very sensitive when people make fun of his stuttering. This makes him very self-conscious, and he tries to cover it up by acting tough. He is in the “Spiders” gang.

Most likely to say: “Shut your pie hole”

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Place to Hang out: On the corner of 1st and Main St

Favorite Game: He doesn’t play games

Weak Area: He stutters

Fears: Being picked on

Best Time of Day: Late at Night

Why he Rocks: He’s trying to be a better person and to overcome his stuttering challenge

Surprise you by: Knowing all US state capitals

Family Member(s): Brenton

Best Friend: Deek

Favorite Subject: Math