Books Featuring Brook

  • Brook Deals with Embarrassment
  • Brook and Stan are Living a Secret Life
  • Brook has a Selfish Friend
  • Brook is Dealing with Dyslexia
  • Brook Gets to Know her Grandparents
  • Brook Talks to her Parents
  • Brook’s Friend Ran Away from Home
  • Brooke Goes on a Train Ride
  • Brook Wants More Freedom
  • Brooke Get Labeled
  • Brook Thinks Too Much of Herself


Meet the Jellybean – Brook

Animal type: Fox

Gender: Female

AKA: B-Nice

Bio: Brook is a confident, self-assured young girl. She is very smart and likes to laugh. While she doesn’t tell jokes, she always enjoys them. Many of the Jellybeans talk to her about life’s problems because she gives great advice.

Most likely to say: “Take a beat, take breath”

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Place to Hang out: The bridge

Favorite Hobby: Shopping

Weak Area: She gets embarrassed very easily

Fear: Getting embarrassed; looking bad; being made fun of

Best Time of Day: After School

Why She Rocks: She looks out for others.  She’s very confidential

Surprise you by: She can play the flute

Family Member(s): Ryan (sister)

Best Friend: Samantha

Favorite Subject: Music