Books Featuring Bruce

  • Bruce has a Boring Teacher
  • Bruce Takes a Dare
  • For Bruce Honesty is the Best Way
  • Bruce Learns About Drunk Driving
  • Bruce wants a Puppy
  • Bruce Gets Even with Stan!
  • Bruce has a Broken Arm
  • Bruce Keeps Slurring his Words
  • Bruce is Being Rebellious
  • Bruce Gets in Trouble for Bullying


Meet the Jellybean – Bruce

Animal type: Rhinoceros

Gender: Male

Age: 16

AKA: Bruce Bruce

Bio: Bruce walks around like he’s a bully, but sometimes you can sense that he really isn’t one. He has a reputation to keep up with the “Spiders” even though he isn’t one of them. He’s not a bad kid, he just acts like he is.

Most likely to say: “We can settle this the easy way, or the hard way.”

Favorite Food: Anything Barbecue

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Place to Hang out: HJ Pool Hall

Favorite Game: Football

Weak Area: Low self esteem

Fear: Not graduating Humble Jungle High School

Why She Rocks: He has a soft heart when he’s not trying to be tough

Surprise you by: He can do a back flip on command

Family Member(s): Herman & Goldie’s cousin

Best Friend: CoCo

Favorite Subject: Science