Books Featuring Cameron

  • There is a Shooter at School
  • Cameron is Being Bullied
  • Cameron Does not Tell the Truth
  • Cameron Learns to be a Gentleman
  • Charlie Feels Peer Pressure
  • Cameron is Using Curse Words
  • Cameron Talks Mean to Others
  • Cameron Gets a Part-Time Job
  • Cameron is Dressed to Impress
  • Cameron is Stressed Out
  • Cameron Makes a Big Decision
  • Cameron Overcomes Being Bullied
  • Cameron & Rocky Decide to be Friends Again
  • Cameron & Bruce – Bully Turned Friend


Meet the Jellybean – Cameron

Animal type: Elephant

Gender: Male

Age: 14

AKA: Cam

Bio: Cam is a tender-hearted friend of the Jellybeans. He is one of the originals of the neighborhood, so he really cares about the community. What he lacks in confidence, he makes up in heart. While he gets bullied often, it never stops him from living life.

Most likely to say: “Oh, I can do that.”

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Place to Hang out: Humble Jungle Pond

Favorite Game/Hobby: Swimming & video games

Weak Area: Exaggerates

Fears: Being bullied

Best Time of Day: Afternoon

Why he Rocks: He is the glue of the Jellybeans. Things just wouldn’t be the same without him

Surprise you by: He can write backwards!

Family Member(s): ChaCha’s first cousin

Best Friends: Rocky & Stan

Favorite subject: Poetry