Books Featuring Candy

  • Candy is Scared of the News on TV
  • Candy Goes to See a Therapist
  • Candy is Having Bad Dreams
  • Candy Keeps Daydreaming
  • Candy Needs to Think Positively
  • Candy is Being Wasteful
  • Candy Keeps Playing in the Street
  • Candy Picks Her Own Clothes
  • Candy is in a Difficult Situations
  • Candy is Learning to Swim
  • Candy is Locked Out
  • Candy Losing Her Coat at School


Meet the Jellybean – Candora (Candy)

Animal type: Tiger

Gender: Female

Age: 8

AKA: Can Can

Bio: Candy is easily one of the favorites and most adored of the Jellybeans.  She loves life, loves to laugh, and tells great jokes.  Some days she likes to wear shoes and some days she does not. She loves to explore. Candy had something really bad happen to her one summer, but she is on the path to healing now. Actually, she is OK! Candy is one of the youngest Jelly Beans in Humble Jungle.

Most likely to say: “I can’t hear you”, while she covers her eyes.

Favorite Food: Pudding

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Place to Hang out: GiGi’s back yard.

Favorite Game/Hobby: Checkers & reading ‘Glam’ magazine

Weak Area: Letting go of bad stuff that happens

Fear: Being alone

Best Time of Day: Morning

Why She Rocks: She see everyday as a new adventure

Surprise you by: Solving a Rubik’s cube in 60 seconds!

Family Member(s): Rocky is her older brother. Zoe is her cousin.

Best Friend: GiGi

Favorite Subject: Biology