OMG, this will be FUN!!

Children need to have fun and be active for good health, but many kids are happy or healthy.

Due to a ‘too much sitting are lifestyle’, with a lot of TV watching, computers, video games and the lack of physical education in many schools.

CardiOMG allows you to swap your child’s computer games and TV time for a fun 30 minutes of physical exercise session, every day! This will help you to protect them from childhood obesity, high-blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, according to The American Heart Association.

The goals of the CardiOMG fitness program is to promote the idea that exercise and physical fitness are important to your child’s health and well-being and to instill a lifelong love of physical activity. As children incorporate physical activity in their lifestyle they are more apt to adopt other behaviors that complement their healthy lifestyle. In the last several decades, there has been a decline in physical activity in children with far reaching health consequences.

Workouts for children should meet the needs of their developmental stage and age, notes the American Council on Exercise.

Always check with your child’s doctor prior to beginning any new fitness program.

Hi! My name is BG Spice. I love CARDIOMG!