Books Featuring Chad

  • Chad and Chase Hang with a Wrong Crowd
  • Chad and Chase gets Exposed to Drugs
  • Chad and Chase are Dealing with Hard Times
  • Chase is Caught Cheating
  • Chad and Chase Take up Exercising
  • Chad and Chase Want to be Rich
  • Chad Gets Along with his Teacher
  • Chad and Chase Report a Crime
  • Chad and Chase Get the Birds and The Bees Talk
  • Chad and Chase’s Dad is Unemployed
  • Camping in the Back Yard
  • Chad uses Frist Aid
  • Chad is Frustrated with Austin
  • Fun on a Car Trip with Chad & Chase
  • There is a Gas Leak at Chad and Chase’s House
  • Chad Gets Over Confident
  • Chad Give His Favorite Thing Away
  • Chad Learns to Groom
  • Twins Move to Humble Jungle
  • Chad is a Know it All
  • Chad Does not Ask Permission
  • Chase is too competitive


Meet the Jellybean – Chad

Animal type: Gazelle

Gender: Male

Age: 14

AKA: Twin 1

Bio: Chad is the twin brother of Chase. You seldom see them apart, but they are quite different. Chad is very ambitious, and sometimes his mouth gets him in trouble. He is the more outspoken of the two, but he seems to always learn from his mistakes.

Most likely to say: “Come on…really?”

Favorite Food: Peas & carrots

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Place to Hang out: The Quad

Favorite Game: Football & Baseball

Weak Area: Sometimes Chad talks too much.

Fears: Being without his brother; being poor

Best Time of Day: Afternoon

Why he Rocks: He wants the best for everyone

Surprise you by: He can walk on his hands

Family Member(s): Chase & Austin

Best Friend: Chase

Favorite subject: Science