Books Featuring Chase

  • Chase Hang with a Wrong Crowd
  • Chad and Chase gets Exposed to Drugs
  • Chase are Dealing with Hard Times
  • Chase is Caught Cheating
  • Chad and Chase Take up Exercising
  • Chad and Chase Want to be Rich
  • Chad and Chase Report a Crime
  • Chad and Chase’s Dad is Unemployed
  • Chase is in Big Trouble
  • Camping in the Back Yard
  • Twins Move to Humble Jungle
  • Chase is too competitive


Meet the Jellybean – Chase

Animal type: Gazelle

Gender: Male

Age: 14

AKA: Twin 2

Bio: Chase is the more laid back of the twins. He is reflective, and more to himself. He lets Chad have more of the spotlight. People are always surprised to see how quiet he is in comparison to his twin brother.

Most likely to say: “You need to go see a doctor.”

Favorite Food: Bananas

Favorite Color: Brown

Favorite Place to Hang out: The Pet Store

Favorite Game: Chess

Weak Area: He doesn’t always say how he feels or what he thinks.

Fears: Being noticed

Best Time of Day: After lunch

Why he Rocks: He’s very supportive of everyone in Humble Jungle

Surprise you by: He’s a nationally ranked Chess player

Family Member(s): Chad & Austin

Best Friend: Chad

Favorite subject: Algebra