Books Featuring Chauncey

  • Chauncey’s First Day of School
  • Chauncey Is Not Sleepy at Night
  • Chauncey Gets Ready for School
  • Chauncey is Bipolar
  • Chauncey Learns to do things by Himself
  • Chauncey Sees That Things go Wrong
  • Chauncy’s House is in Fire
  • Chauncey’s First Year of School
  • Chauncey Learns about Hurricane Safety
  • Chauncey is Friends with Joe the Janitor
  • Chauncey Owe Rocky Money


Meet the Jellybean – Chauncey

Animal type: Raccoon

Gender: Male

Age: 7

AKA: Chain Gang

Bio: Chauncey is extremely moody. He will always tell you what’s on his mind. He doesn’t mean any harm, but he feels its best for you to know how he feels. People either like Chauncey or they don’t.

Most likely to say: “If I’m not back in 5 minutes, just wait longer.”

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Favorite Color: Gray

Favorite Place to Hang out: Humble Jungle Statue

Favorite Game: Soccer

Weak Area: He doesn’t think about what he says before he says it

Fears: Being misunderstood

Best Time of Day: Morning

Why he Rocks: A person always knows where they stand with Chauncey

Surprise you by: He can role a coin up and down his knuckles

Family Member(s): None (only child)

Best Friend: Lance

Favorite subject: Reading