Books Featuring CoCo

  • CoCo Goes to Court
  • Coco, Pull up your Pants!!!
  • Cameron is Being Bullied


Meet the Jellybean – CoCo

Animal type: Gorilla

Gender: Male

Age: 19

AKA: Beast

Bio: CoCo is by far the oldest of the Jellybeans. Because of some learning challenges early on, CoCo is just finishing High School at age 19. He is the founder of the “Spider” gang, and he’s always looking to recruit new members. While feared, everyone knows if someone from outside of the Humble Jungle community bothered any of the Jellybeans, he would defend them.

Most likely to say: “I’m not lazy, I’m just relaxed.”

Favorite Food: Potato Chips

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Place to Hang out: The corner of 1st & Main St.

Favorite Game/Hobby: Dice

Weak Area: He’s not a people person

Fears: None

Best Time of Day: After midnight

Why he Rocks: He’s a natural leader (just not in a good way)

Surprise you by: His dad is an architect & his mom is a professor

Family Member(s): None

Best Friend: Frog & Deek

Favorite subject: None