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  • Collyns’ Mom has Breast Cancer
  • Collyns’ Mom has Breast Cancer
  • Collyns’ Mom has Breast Cancer
  • Collyns’ is Struggling with Anorexia
  • Collyns Needs to Make New Friends
  • Collyns Worries about How She Looks
  • Collyns is Trying to Stay Calm
  • Collyns Acts Like Lady
  • Collyns is very Disappointed


Meet the Jellybean – Collyns

Animal type: Kangaroo

Gender: Female

Age: 11

AKA: Collyflower

Bio: Collyns is a girl with a lot of internal strength. She’s dealt with a lot in her young life, but it has turned out to make her a better person. While she tends to disappear when things get tough, she always resurfaces with a renewed spirit to move forward. This straight “A” student is destined to go places.

Most likely to say: “A balanced diet means a cupcake in each hand.”

Favorite Food: Potato Salad

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Favorite Place to Hang out: Lighthouse

Favorite Hobbies: Shopping; Sewing; Traveling; Social Media

Weak Area: Low self-esteem; poor self-image

Fear: Gaining weight

Best Time of Day: Morning

Why she Rocks: She did an excellent job when her mom was diagnosed with cancer! She handled it amazingly well, and everyone knew it.

Surprise you by: She knows a lot about marine life.

Family Member(s): None

Best Friend: Charlie

Favorite Subject: Business