Books Featuring Deek

  • Deek is not a Good Reader
  • There is a Shooter at School
  • Cameron is Being Bullied
  • Cameron is Using Curse Words
  • Cameron is Dressed to Impress
  • Cameron & Bruce – Bully Turned Friend


Meet the Jellybean – Deek

Animal type: Elephant

Gender: Male

Age: 18

AKA: Bad Boy

Bio: Deek is a senior in Humble Jungle High School. He is known as one of the “Spiders” downtown, but he has done some charitable work in the past. While he struggles with reading, he, in fact, likes school. He is a tough guy – that is not an act; but he really doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

Most likely to say: “I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don’t know the answer.”

Favorite Food: Pastrami & cabbage

Favorite Color: Burgundy

Favorite Place to Hang out: Pool hall & the football field to watch the marching band practice

Favorite Game/Hobby: Rugby & he collects Felon Brown sneakers

Weak Area: Reading

Fears: None

Best Time of Day: Night time

Why he/she Rocks: He is actually a really cool dude, who would rather protect than to hurt anyone

Surprise you by: Deek can actually help the Jellybeans with their homework if they need it

Family Member(s): ChaCha’s cousin

Best Friend: CoCo

Favorite subject: History