Frog is  not featured in books

  • Chad and Chase Hang with a Wrong Crowd


Meet the Jellybean – Frog

Animal type: Frog

Gender: Male

Age: 16

AKA: n/a

Bio: Frog is one of the members of the “Spider” gang. He hangs out with CoCo, Deek, and Brice. He skips school a lot and is really not a good influence on the Jellybeans.

Favorite Food: “I love sarcasm.”

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Place to Hang out: Train tracks

Favorite Game/Hobby: Video games

Weak Area: He doesn’t like learning very much

Fears: Failing (so he doesn’t try)

Best Time of Day: Evening

Why he Rocks: He’s truthful about who he is

Surprise you by: He’s a good diver

Family Member(s): None

Best Friend: Dylan

Favorite subject: None