Books Featuring Goldie

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  • Goldie Faces Controversy


Meet the Jellybean – Goldie

Animal type: Hippopotamus

Gender: Female

Age: 12

AKA: Goldilocks

Bio: Goldie is a self-contained party. Everywhere she goes, that is the place to be. She is one of the favorites in the Humble Jungle community. It seems like everybody waits until GiGi gets there before the party starts.

Most likely to say: “I don’t have the energy to pretend that I like you today.”

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Place to Hang out: Mall

Favorite Game/Hobby: Movie memorabilia

Weak Area: She lets things bother her too much

Fears: That people don’t like her

Best Time of Day: Morning

Why she Rocks: She always brings life where ever she goes

Surprise you by: She can recall any actor / actress in any movie

Family Member(s): Herman (brother); Bruce (cousin)

Best Friend: Lomney & Hazel

Favorite subject: Physics