Books Featuring Hayden

  • Hayden’s Parents Are Getting a Divorce
  • Hayden has a Broken Heart
  • Hayden is Cutting Himself
  • Hayden Gets a New Sister
  • Hayden Gets Along with His Step Mom
  • Hayden Gets an Allowance
  • Hayden Gets Blamed for Everything
  • Hayden has Diabetes
  • Hayden Learns Leadership Skills
  • Hayden is Being Mean
  • Hayden’s Dad Gets Re-Married
  • Hayden Does Not Like His Teacher
  • Hayden Has a Stressful Family Life
  • Hayden Has Two Homes
  • Hayden is Being Disobedient
  • Hayden Learns How to Trust
  • Hayden Keeps Complaining
  • Hayden’s Mom is Expecting


Meet the Jellybean – Hayden

Animal type: Monkey

Gender: Male

Age: 9

AKA: Drummer Boy

Bio: Hayden is the most curious of all of the Jellybeans. He wants to know how things work. He is imaginative and is a strategic thinker with a plan for everything. He sees what he wants to do 10 years from now. This is why his parents getting a divorce was so hard for him…he couldn’t see it coming and he couldn’t plan for it.

Most likely to say: “Find your patience before I lose mine.”

Favorite Food: Jamaican food

Favorite Color: Gold

Favorite Place to Hang out: Outdoor Cafe

Favorite Game/Hobby: Collects comic books

Weak Area: Adjusting to change

Fears: His mom and dad not ever getting back together

Best Time of Day: After school

Why he Rocks: He is an excellent listener

Surprise you by: His skill at playing the Bongo’s

Family Member(s): None

Best Friend: Austin

Favorite subject: Music