Books Featuring Hazel

  • It’s Cool to Tell


Meet the Jellybean – Hazel

Animal type: Cat

Gender: Female

Age: 15

AKA: Francis

Bio: Hazel’s cool style is contagious. She has a look all her own and is a bit of a trend setter in the HJ community. She makes her own clothes because she can never find what she likes in stores. She’s up for any adventure and is always there when there is an event or party.

Most likely to say: “You never really understand something until you explain it to your grandparents.”

Favorite Food: Grilled vegetables

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Favorite Place to Hang out: Home

Favorite Hobby: Paints & collects sea shells

Weak Area: Hazel tends to overextend herself

Fears: That others aren’t taken care of

Best Time of Day: Morning

Why she Rocks: She’s the best friend anyone could ask for

Surprise you by: Singing beautifully

Family Member(s): Lippy, Lomney, and Meela (sisters)

Best Friend: Lomney

Favorite subject: Geometry