43 – Junk Food

Skylar is Eating too Much Junk Food


Skylar grabs food on the run? Skylar seems to pizza and fries while guzzling juice and soda. Her parents thinks she is carbohydrate addicted and suffer from a chemical imbalance that can lead to weight gain, mood swings, hyperactivity, even learning and behavior problems.

Skylar’s mom lays down new rules when she notices that Sklyar is gaining weight. With the help of Dr. Armistead, on how the body works, the family makes a healthful adjustment in their diet and fitness habits.

Skylar is not happy about it at first, but she learns an easy step-by-step plan to eating better, as well as a quick, a jump-start Plan.

Help your child break free of carbo cravings, sugar highs, and sugar lows–without deprivation–for life.

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