Books Featuring Zane

  • Austin is Adopted
  • Austin Keeps Snooping Around
  • Austin is Being Bossy
  • Austin Did not Accept No
  • Austin is Playing with Medicine
  • Austin Gets Hand Me Downs
  • Austin is Bragging Again
  • Austin Learns to Take Turns
  • Austin Meets a Stranger
  • Austin Wets the Bed
  • Austin is Always Late
  • Austin Gets Lost at the Mall
  • Austin Plays Under the Sink
  • Austin’s First Year of School
  • Austin has an Accident
  • Austin Lives in a Foster Home


Meet the Jellybean – Zane

Animal type: Gazelle

Gender: Male

Age: 7

AKA: The Mayor

Bio: Austin is Chad and Chase’s adopted little brother. He spent several years in foster care. He is very confident and brave. He loves to learn new things and he asks tons of questions. He is one of the younger Jellybeans. Sometimes he can be a bit nosey, but it’s only because he likes to learn.

Most likely to say: “You don’t wanna make me mad.” (he usually chuckles afterwards)

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Place to Hang out: His back yard.

Favorite Game: City Car Racing video game

Weak Area: Austin doesn’t listen well.

Best Time of Day: Morning

Why he Rocks: He sees the positive in everything.

Surprise you by: Knowing how to speak Spanish.

Family Member(s): Chad & Chase

Best Friend: Hayden

Favorite Subject: Social Studies

Zane around Humble Jungle